May 2023
Research the use of ChatGPT for finance
March 2023
Research macro trading strategy

Greater CAGR and Sharpe ratio than original risk parity strategy

August 2022
Start QuantLab K3
May 2022
Start build Robusta: backtest and autotrade platform
February 2022
Start QuantLab K2
November 2021
Research and live trading seasonality strategy for cryptocurrency
September 2021
Revisit pair trading with risk parity strategy
August 2021
Expand momentum strategy for VN100
June 2021
Start QuantLab K1
May 2021
Live trading cryptocurrency momentum strategy
April 2021
Analyse cryptocurrency data
March 2021
Implement quantitative value investing strategy
October 2020
Live trading with momentum strategies (spot and derivative)
August 2020
Analyse seasonality effect in stock data

Combined with existed strategies

June 2020
Live trading with risk parity algo in Vietnam Market
March 2020
Implement risk parity algorithm
January 2020
Start analyse pair trading in stock data